If your dad enjoys a glass of whiskey or two, then the glasses from the ZWIESEL GLAS Pure collection will be the perfect gift this Father’s Day. With a variety of designs and cuts you will be spoiled with choices, but you’ll be guaranteed that your dad will be pleased to open this very special gift on June 16th.

Gifts for Dads who enjoys a glass of whiskey or two

Discover the straight-sided tumblers designed to serve the dad who enjoys his whiskey with a splash of water, a dash of soda or an ice cube or two. For the dad who enjoys a good swirl to appreciate the body of the liquor, the rounded or flared tumbler is a great choice that fits comfortably in the hand. Treat your dad to a glass set for all his drinking needs.

The global brand Schott Zwiesel offers functional products with a focus on special glassware series for beverages and innovative products for serving that your dad will surely love to try.

Gifts for Dads who enjoys a glass of Wine

If your Dad like brilliance, robustness and persistence, the design concept is based on characteristics where glassware creations are perfectly tailored to ambitious requirements.

Schott Zwiesel has never lost sight of a timely design. Your dad will like to prefer a product range that emphasises the quality rating of the raw material glass and its gracefulness in design and colour.

Eating and drinking number among the most basic human needs. With the Zwiesel make your dad experience a collection inspired the full spectrum of dining and living culture, as well as enabling the creation of highly personalised

If you dad loves stylish and contemporary, this set is ready to be filled to the brim with your favorite rich roast. Packaged in a window pane kraft box, these mugs are perfect for gifting and hosting.