We have endeavoured to provide products of unparalleled quality by bringing only the best and most sought after brands to craft an arrangement of products that embody luxury, comfort and creativity across the globe.

With inimitable finish and feel, our products have the aesthetic appeal and quality that speaks to your own appreciation for the finer things in life complimenting the most discerning of homes and spaces.

MÉRCI - Bring Luxury Home

Banking and Financial lawyer I got into retail by chance. My husband built a beautiful building which was screaming for a gorgeous store in the front and I decided to bring luxury home. In the process I realised how everything Chinese was sold as European and how everything European was brought at exorbitant prices. Having shopped with my Mother all over the world for her home and mine it was time to give India what it needed - ‘Luxury brought home at a Fair price’. I wish to build a brand known for quality and it’s fair trade policies doing numbers and bringing with it brand loyalty from every consumer purchasing from us. We strive to bring home the best at a very fair price which no one in the current market is striving to do or achieve.

Kahini Batta Aurora