With over 100 years of existence, Herdmar is one of the biggest producers of table cutlery in the world, with recognized merits everywhere, bringing to the market a distinct philosophy of democratic design which aims to present cutlery pieces as fashion items for the table.

Produced through all carefully selected raw materials, their products quality is assured by the exclusive use of stainless steel and born as a result of a detailed study of the shapes, balance.

As a complement to their cutlery range, we’ve created a line of table and kitchen accessories, that will make everyday tasks easier and more pleasant.

Aiming to transport, protect and improve the exhibition of each cutlery set, we’ve selected a distinct range of packaging for the several different compositions.

"The value creation through their products details, is the burden of their existence. They propose to produce pieces of excellence which will become fashion accessories for your table."

The sublime elegance of the Vintage set deconstructs the idea that a classic cutlery must be heavy and robust.