O.W.N is a conscious lifestyle brand whose products and practices are unhurried, using natural ingredients in cohesion to create clean products. O.W.N’s philosophy is to bring back innocence and stillness in a world of hustle and bustle.

Today, O.W.N begins its journey with handmade goat milk soaps and plans to add meticulously thought, complementary products for an improved functional bathing experience.

O.W.N was founded in 2012 by madhavi khullar wanting to create natural alternatives in a world of conventional skincare. Co-founder, megha bhargava joined hands in 2021 to take O.W.N to the next level.

Since then, O.W.N has moved from soap making in the kitchen to soap making at the workshop which they call it, the O.W.N shed.

Remember a time when everything was made by hand and not machines? Remember a time when bathing was a luxury? Or a beauty ritual was slow and unhurried? Or a time when essences like saffron and rose overtook your senses, creating a seventh sense which was made up of all six essences together? Touch, feel, inhale, hear the silence that surrounds you with O.W.N’s bathing products.

Most of the regular soaps contain detergent to produce lather. Our soap bars are made up of ingredients that create lather naturally and nourishes your skin.