Each crystal creation embodies excellence and timelessness, the fruit of meticulous and passionate work by our craftsmen. With no intermediaries, Cristallerie de Montbronn aims to offer its customers a direct, transparent relationship, and, above all, the sharing.

Cristallerie de Montbronn is specialized in the making of custom-made molds, allowing the continuous concrete realization of our new collection designs.

The realization of the drawings and prototypes is carried out in our offices, while the manufacturing of the molds is entrusted to a specialist and carried out under a short period of time ; an efficient teamwork for a perfect harmony.

Cristallerie de Montbronn has a wide range of 13 colours in layered crystal that is in constant expansion. Each collection illustrates the timelessness of crystal with ever more advanced or minimalist designs.

The Cristallerie de Montbronn is also an opportunity. Similar to the mythological principle of kairos, we believe that every opportunity is worth taking. This opportunity is also yours. Our offices and workshops are ready to accommodate your requests for tailor-made products.

The fruit of a multitude of exceptional skills, our crystal and bronze pieces combine aesthetics and functionality. Bronze, traditionally coated with a precious finish, enhances the purity and brilliance of hand-blown and hand-cut crystal.