The eponymous brand Sarita Handa is the creative vision of one woman, who sought to renew pride in art and textile design. She did so by bringing special nuances closer to people for their most precious possession – their Home.

In the course of an eventful, insightful journey of almost three decades, the brand has inspired the world with its contemporary interpretations of age-old craft techniques. The company’s design and manufacturing arm continues to supply to major retailers around the world.

Closer home, Sarita Handa is constantly raising the bar for its retail venture by offering complete home design resources and solutions. At the heart of this endeavour is the revival of age-old Indian needlework but with cross-culturally inspired accents; as a means of embracing an evolving client base seeking multifaceted inspirations.

Design innovations steeped in heritage have allowed our textiles and linen range to expand and include furniture and décor collectibles. Collaborations with like-minded brands that share Sarita Handa’s love for detail and sensitivity for the artisanal spirit is another initiative.

“ Style your home in luxury at Sarita Handa; furniture, home linen, textiles and décor accessories with global contemporary aesthetics rooted and inspired by the rich heritage of Indian craftmanship”

The seamless blend of art in textiles and decor to celebrate the uncommon beauty of common things has been an underlying design principle that Sarita Handa abides by.

Throughout history, painters have been influenced by artifacts and art of other cultures. African tribal art has played an influential role in the history of European Art. Foraying further into the revival of ancient art and mixing it with modern decor design sensibilities, Sarita handa debuts African Modern, an ode to the African Tribal Art seamlessly blended with the minimal chic aesthetics of modern home decor.