Mérci, Dehradun brings Wedgwood and Waterford to India
JAN 27, 2021 | 15:30:32 IST

This past year, we found ourselves spending most of our time at home. It was our workspace, and it was our retreat. It was what enabled us to be in our element as we self-isolated. And now, while it may be a new year, the pandemic still hasn’t ended. A lot of us are working from home and limiting our outdoor ventures to just the most essential tasks. Why, then, would the time not be ripe to equip our cosy abode with everything that makes us feel uplifted, inspired and stimulated?

A lot of us today are holding back on spending a fortune at salons and instead investing to improve our lifestyle at home. And hence, in our opinion, 2021 is going to be all about livable luxury and versatility in design for a myriad of households. To accommodate just that, Mérci Dehradun proudly brings Wedgwood and Waterford with all the glory and shine to India.

Going back 260 years, Wedgwood has become a true British cultural icon and a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship. In 1995, it was also granted the Royal Warrant, a mark of recognition for brands that have supplied goods or services to the Royal Households for at least five years. Using its unique heritage materials — Jasper, luminescent Queen’s Ware and fine bone china — Wedgwood continues the tradition of presenting beautiful handcrafted works of art, made with respect for the past and an eye to the future.

The eclectic originals feature quaint patterns and whisk you off to serene lands with appealing flora and fauna. The Mythical Creatures collection of plates, cream jugs, bowls and cups has an oriental feel. The range boasts of an illustrative style, with intricate gold pressation around the rim of the durable pieces. On the other hand, the Renaissance Gold collection has bold patterns adorned with blue, white and gold hues. The Butterfly Bloom range — with its colourful three-tier cake stands, sandwich trays, sugar bowls and more — will transform your tea story like no other. Not just these, Wedgwood introduces you to multiple other ranges that are as timeless as functional.

“A banking and financial lawyer, I got into retail by chance. My husband built a beautiful building that was screaming for a gorgeous store in the front and I decided to bring luxury home. In the process, I realised how everything Chinese was sold as European and how everything European was brought at exorbitant prices. Having shopped with my mother all over the world for her home and mine, it was time to give India what it needed — ‘Luxury brought home at a fair price’,” says Kahini Batta Aurora, the founder and creative director. “I wish to build a brand known for quality and it’s fair trade policies, doing numbers and bringing brand loyalty from every consumer purchasing from us. We strive to bring home the best at a very fair price, something that no one in the current market is striving to do or achieve.”

Waterford Crystal, another brand that Batta Aurora has brought to India, is considered the finest crystal in the world due to its dedication to quality, craftsmanship and stunning design. Whether it’s a trophy or wine goblet, each piece of Waterford Crystal evolves from the best in raw materials. This artistry has earned Waterford its reputation for a distinctive crystal with unsurpassed beauty and brilliance —which is recognised by the Waterford stamp on the base, a hallmark of excellence. For over 200 years, it has been creating fine collections so you can make every moment more special.

The Waterford collections include Lismore Connoisseur, which offers elite barware for some fine whiskey enjoyment; Lismore Essence, which introduces glassware in a classic form but contemporary function; Short Stories, which embodies the Irish spirit of togetherness in its decanters, ice buckets and glasses; among many other ranges.

Celebrating its fourth anniversary this year, Mérci also houses brands like Royal Doulton, Royal Albert, Rosenthal, Versace, Vista Alegre, Porcel, Bordallo Pinheiro, Schott Zwiesel, Kama Ayurveda, Raw Mango, Payal Khandwala, Shaw Brothers, Outhouse, Pahadi Local, Vanaveda, Mérci Home, Gigi And Chakra, and wishes to bring home many more.

Having their award-winning patisserie Boulangerie and Salon de Thé L’Opéra, Mérci completes the picture with its delicious French macarons and Gianduja hot chocolate to be had in its beautiful, manicured private garden. So, what are you waiting for? Revamp your tabletop, bar and living room with Mérci Dehradun’s fine offerings — available in India for the first time.