Polspotten collection of design décor and furniture comprises contemporary necessities and editorial accents. Whether it´s for the living room, lobby, members club, or retail environment - instantly elevate your experience and entertain your audience.

Enrich your offering. Curate your collection from a diverse range of well-considered designs for your audience.

Polspotten products are handmade, our designers are hands-on and our services are high-touch and personalized.

Our practices respect traditional crafts the cultural heritage that sparks our creativity, and our planet.

Our products are as authentic and as beautiful as you'd expect to find in ancient Roman times. Powder-coated in soothing contemporary hues and finished with a unique texture – the perfect balance of old-world charm and contemporary comfort.

The fun and elegant design invites you to light up the room, use it as part of your evening table décor, or as a stand-alone object; the effect is pure magic.

Consistently imaginative, We design to add play to spaces for living, working, and experiencing. We Go Above And Beyond with a people first approach. And we know playful design will enrich your life.