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As Francis Gelb, creator of the Sabre brand, says himself being born with a silver spoon in your mouth creates vocations. The son of a goldsmith family and immersed in the arts of the table from a very young age, he wanted to combine the meticulous work of craftsmanship with his taste for colour, materials and shapes. Sabre has become the embodiment of a table of madness!

The beginning of Sabre

In 1993, after 7 years in the family goldsmith's business, Francis Gelb created Sabre with the support of Habitat, the famous English chain of home furnishing stores. He created a first model called "Sabre" for them and on the basis of collaboration, Francis then decided to invest in his own cutlery collection. As a symbol, he decided to name his company after this first collection which marked the beginning of a great adventure.

A love story

Francis and Pascale's meeting was a turning point in their lives - both personally, and for the brand too. Together they have linked creativity with technique, bohemian spirit with rigorous temperament and design with efficiency. Their complementary nature has led them to break away from the codes of tableware to offer colour, materials... and above all joy and fantasy next to the crockery on the table!

A bold brand

Sabre's first collection, with printed handles, reflects its philosophy of departing from the world of traditional tableware. Blending colour and pattern, the Vichy cutlery was the first star of the Sabre brand. The fabulous "mix and match" concept was born and became a revolution in the classic world of tableware. Laying out cutlery like a row of onions does nothing to reveal the Sabre spirit... Instead presenting the cutlery like a bouquet of flowers is so much more effective! What a great idea: upside down cutlery, with only colourful handles and various patterns on display. The exciting story continued with the arrival of other emblematic collections such as Icône, Honorine and more recently Bistrot. Today there are more than twenty models and a multitude of colours and materials, always with the brand’s aim of combining creativity with quality craftsmanship.

"The work on colour is fascinating: certain combinations of tones reflect a personality or a state of mind such as joy, reflection, balance, confidence...The key thing is to create an atmosphere, to give meaning. "

Working with colours, patterns and materials is a passion at Sabre. Plain or printed, our elegantly finished models are designed in a multitude of variations to stand alone or create your own style by combining genres.

If you're looking for elegant but distinctive tableware, the Icône collection is perfect for you. With its sleek styling and its 21 colours featuring a slightly retro touch, you'll definitely find the cutlery set just right for your table. An original and a Best Seller: what makes it so popular is its originality, something rare enough to be highlighted!

When designing this cutlery we wanted to faithfully capture the atmosphere while adding a modern touch: the styling is simple, the rivets are visible, while the colours and materials stand out nicely. From red to blue, not forgetting the superb materials with horn or tortoise effects.

Available with gloss or vintage finishes, we're sure you'll enjoy this collection, which is designed to be both traditional and contemporary at the same time.