Some love stories are so beautiful that they are hard to believe. Like the one between Philipp Rosenthal and his wife Maria. It so happens that the privy councillor was so infatuated with her that he quickly named a porcelain set after her – without knowing that it would one day become a best-seller, selling millions of copies. Even today, over 80 different individual items are available. “Maria” has enjoyed enduring popularity over the decades, and numbers among the most extensive and bestselling crockery designs of all time.

"Maria" gets a new look in 2022. For the first time in its more than 100-year history, Rosenthal’s successful collection is now available in a contemporary version called "Maria en Vogue" with coloured glazes.

Rosenthal have developed elegant, refined and exciting tableware and gift collections. Inspiration for these is derived from different historical periods and cultures.

The exquisite vases from Rosenthal are so varied that there is something for every taste and style of living.

The angels from Rosenthal are modelled in loving detail and manufactured from finest, unglazed porcelain. The unglazed white porcelain wonderfully brings to bear all the subtleties and details of the design.

These cute animal figurines made from porcelain will capture a permanent place in your home in no time.

The Rosenthal Dining sets come as a benchmark for any stylish table and home decor. Shaped by a sophisticated tradition of design and impartial to any fast-paced trends, they are both expression of a sovereign lifestyle and a strong foothold for the staging of your individual table ideas.

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Following on from the Fast, Squall and Blown vase designs, La Chute captures the utopian concept of freezing a movement in time. Two vase bodies melt like wax without entirely losing their shape and contours. In a manner that is simple yet precise, the design explores not only the plasticity of materials at the point where space, time and substance collide, but also the concepts of creation and infinity.

Intertwined shape, flowing lines, soft porcelain - the ingredients for the new vase of the Rosenthal Studio-line are simple, the result is beguiling. Designer Martin Hirth, one of the most acclaimed German newcomers of recent years, applies a typical design principle to the form of his new "Node" design for Rosenthal: Movement and the merging and transformation of the familiar run like a thread through the designer's product portfolio.