Herdmar | Vintage 18/10 Champagne Pvd Table 54pc Set

INR 91,695

The sublime elegance of the Vintage set deconstructs the idea that a classic cutlery must be heavy and robust.
Produced on a four-millimetre base, in a monobloc profile, but inspired by the primordial cutlery with independent handles, every piece in this collection shows on as a sign of reinvention and timelessness.
Its rectangular handles with rounded sides emphasize the highlight of the thin but solid neck, which support the tops standing out for their simplicity and classy style.
More than cutlery, Vintage is a sign of refinement at the table.

The Herdmar Vintage 18/10 Champagne Pvd Table 54pc Set includes:

  • Twelve Table Forks
  • Twelve Table Knives
  • Twelve Table Spoons
  • Twelve Soup Spoons
  • Two Soup Ladle
  • One Serving Spoon
  • One Rice Serving Set
  • One Salad Set



  • Color: Champagne
  • Coating: PVD Coated
  • Country of Origin: Portugal

*PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a thin ceramic coating with high adhesion, with a higher hardness than any galvanic coating, low coefficient of friction, high resistance to oxidation, protects against chemical and thermal attacks, withstands wear by adhesion and abrasion and is chemically inert and biocompatible.

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