Mérci Dehradun

Venise Ash Tray

INR 6,495

The Venise clear crystal ashtray evokes both simplicity and sophistication. It is the perfect symbol of balance and harmony, its design cut symmetrically and parallel. A continuous bevel divides the ashtray into two equal parts. This bevel is so simple and yet so perfect that it adds depth and elegance to the ashtray. Other cleverly cut bevels form a phyllotactic, leaf-like design around it, extending gracefully and harmoniously across the surface, creating an illusion of movement that will bring your interior to life.



  • It is high class 100% hand-made crystal.
  • Mouth blown and hand cut in their workshops in Montbronn, France.
  • The bevel cut brings a modern simplicity while still dressing the glass with verticality and majestuosity.
  • The whole is blown, cut and polished thoroughly by our devoted and crystal-loving experts.



  • Diameter: 8.5cm

Dispatch time is 2-3 days for this item.
Delivery time is 4-8 days for this item.

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