Experience a magical Wedgwood Christmas with this unique Christmas Ornament. Modelled on Mother Nature’s most unique creation.

This elegant symbol of winter is crafted in iconic white and blue porcelain for a look that will never go out of style.

Add carols, yuletide and an unmistakably festive feeling to your tree with these Christmas Bauble.

A classic round bauble crafted from porcelain in signature blue and white, it features different words entwined with festive flowers and leaves, all with incredibly intricate detail.

This sustainable Christmas decoration is designed to be handed down through the generations and to be treasured for many years to come.

Inspire new family traditions that will last a lifetime with this beautiful decoration, intricately detailed and ready to hang with a white satin ribbon inscribed with the message ‘A Magical Wedgwood Christmas’.

Create a timeless festive feeling in your home with this Christmas Holly Ornament. Crafted from porcelain in classic Wedgwood blue and white colours.

A classic symbol of winter, this decoration will never go out of style and will inspire new family traditions that will last a lifetime.