Mérci Dehradun

Pure Sauvignon blanc

INR 1,266

Schott Zwiesel PURE is a range of long-stemmed, graceful wine glasses and goblets designed for fine dining. There is a bowl for each grape varietal, plus matched aperitif and digestive glasses. Pure stemware benefits from TRITAN® PROTECT. This permanent stem tempering process delivers twice the break strength compared to untreated stems. The subtle design is also echoed in the PURE barware series of matching glasses and tumblers.
Durable, Titanium Tritan® Crystal glass. Tritan® Protect Stems - Permanent - x2 break strength compared to untreated glass.


  • Designed by Schott Zwiesel 
  • Dishwasher safe



  • Volume: 408 ml 
  • Width: 8.4 cm 
  • Height: 23.1 cm

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