Rosette Wall Set

INR 280,000

A delightful collection of rosettes and medallions to apply the perfect finishing touch in your home decor. Greek goddesses, mythical animals, and stylized flowers, available in many sizes and colors, make choosing easy.
Due to the handcrafted nature of the items, there is the possibility of small imperfections!

The Rosette Wall Set in ceramine includes:

  • One Owl Rosette Vintage Green (Diameter: 29cm)
  • One Owl Rosette Sepia (Diameter: 29cm)
  • One Owl Rosette Vintage Pink (Diameter: 29cm)
  • One Kori Rosette Sepia (Diameter: 29cm)
  • One Kori Rosette Vintage Pink (Diameter: 29cm)
  • One Ira Rosette Sepia (Diameter: 34cm)
  • One Ira Rosette Vintage Pink (Diameter: 34cm)
  • One Ermis Flower Rosette Sepia (Diameter: 16cm)
  • Two Apollo Flower Rosette Sepia (Diameter: 9cm)
  • One Venus Rosette Gold (Diameter: 29cm)
  • One Artemis Rosette Gold (Diameter: 29cm)
  • One Horse Rosette Vintage Blue (Diameter: 29cm)
  • One Ino Rosette Sepia (Diameter: 22cm)
  • One Apollo Edges Rosette Vintage Pink (Diameter: 9cm)


  • Material: Ceramine
  • Handmade in Greece

Limited Edition

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