Mérci Dehradun

Rua Nova Salad Bowl 29cm Morning Blue

INR 7,995

The "Rua Nova" collection is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, drawing its inspiration from the Renaissance blue tiles designed by Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro. Evoking a sense of timeless beauty, this collection seamlessly bridges the gap between past and present.

 Rooted in the intricate artistry of blue tiles, the "Rua Nova" collection pays homage to this cultural heritage while infusing it with a contemporary twist. The result is a captivating array of utilitarian pieces and table accessories, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of these iconic blue tiles.



  • Earthenware
  • Hand Painted Complements
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Microwave resistance
  • Dishwasher resistance



  • Length: 365mm
  • Height: 130mm
  • Width: 290mm

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Delivery time is 4-8 days for this item.

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