Mérci Dehradun

Watermelon Fruit Plate 21cm

INR 3,395

Featuring a range of meticulously crafted items including bowls, fruit bowls, cake plates, and presentation plates, this collection pays homage to the juicy and colorful allure of watermelons. Each piece is a masterpiece that skillfully emulates the fruit's natural irregularities in shape, the tantalizing texture of its pulp, the intricate seed detailing, and the vivid hues that adorn its surface.

 Immerse yourself in the playful artistry and captivating craftsmanship of our Watermelon Collection, where the essence of this beloved fruit is thoughtfully captured in every stroke of paint and curve of ceramic. Elevate your dining and entertaining experiences with these remarkable pieces that add a touch of freshness and whimsy to your table setting, making each meal a delightful journey into the heart of nature's bounty.



  • Earthenware
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Microwave resistance
  • Dishwasher resistance
  • Conventional oven resistance



  • Length: 330mm
  • Width: 330mm

Dispatch time is 2-3 days for this item.
Delivery time is 4-8 days for this item.

20 pieces in stock

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