Mérci Dehradun

Maria Flower Charger Plate 37cm

INR 5,945

"Maria Flor" stands as a striking testament to the fusion of contemporary design and the inherent rustic charm that defines Bordallo Pinheiro's legacy. This collection serves as an extravagant ode to the vibrancy of spring, encapsulated in a unique form – a handle-less jug.

 Intricately crafted with manual precision, each piece in the "Maria Flor" collection showcases a meticulous hand-painted display of various artistic techniques, harmoniously converging in the form of blossoming flowers. The absence of a handle lends an unconventional touch, reinforcing the collection's commitment to innovation and originality.



  • Earthenware
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Microwave resistance
  • Dishwasher resistance



  • Length: 370mm
  • Width: 345mm
  • Height: 30mm

Dispatch time is 2-3 days for this item.
Delivery time is 4-8 days for this item.

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