Embossed glass and a sturdy, yet sleek finish add texture and intrigue to your tabletop. Winglets protect glass from excessive heat, making it versatile for everything from cocktails to coffee.

This sleek ridged tumbler is a fresh take on the classic French all-purpose glass. With a modern flair, these versatile tumblers are ideal for everything from water to wine.

This sleek ridged espresso cup is a fresh take on the classic French all-purpose glass.This small cup made of pressed glass is reminiscent of industrial moulds. Enveloped by winglets that protect it from excessive heat, it combines ruggedness with fragility.

Designed by Fabrice Gibilaro, Born in 1974. He has a higher diploma in Design at the Beaux-Arts de Saint Etienne and creates several objects around the art of the table. In 2006, he exhibited a porcelain cup at the “Design et Shop” fair at the Saint Etienne biennial, and it is this cup that La Rochère is issuing in glass.

This is the foundation stone of a collaboration with the glassworks, which gave birth to the Ale tankard.