The ZWIESEL GLAS Wine Classic Select wine glass with its broad bowl accentuates the full aroma of velvety and sumptuous wines.

The slight outward lip of the red wine glass pushes the acid outward to create a milder and younger impression of the wine on the tongue.

The award winning Zwiesel 1872 WINE CLASSICS SELECT range offers lovers of fine wine a choice of prestige, varietal wine glasses.

Functionality and filigree elegance with a large goblet bottom and a high, curved fireplace, the hand-blown glasses of the WINE CLASSICS SELECT series support the typical character of different types of wine and champagne. In addition, the special DROP PROTECT surface finish prevents unwanted drips and stains.

Masterfully hand-crafted in Zwiesel 1872 Titanium crystal. These glasses draw on one hundred and forty years of wine glass making experience to deliver you the Zwiesel 1872 promise of pleasure by the glass.