La Rochère strives to offer you narrative objects. Imbued with a history of their own, they are open to your interpretation to enhance the style of your tables. Each of our creations bears the intense mark of its inspiration, and expresses yours. Sensitive ornaments, to compose and combine to assert your style. Inspired by the iconic palace, the Versailles collection is decorated with an elegant scallop motif and vegetal decor. The refinement of tableware under Louis XV at your fingertips. Versailles glasses therefore derive their charm from the superb Baroque decorative panels of the famous Hall of Mirrors.

Classically shaped, and adorned with these scalloped decorations, they evoke a sophisticated style that perfectly translates French elegance to the daily table, or to your festive tables.

La Rochere is the oldest continuously working glass factory in Europe located in the forests of the Lorraine and Franche-Comté regions that provided firewood for furnaces and ferns, the ashes of which made the potash necessary for the glass fusion. La Rochere In 1475 the founder Simon de Thysac, "Gentleman glassmaker", obtained permission to manufacture glasses at the "Rochiers", this is preserved in the National Archive in France. The production site is opened and the "hand made" manufacture of crystal glasses is shown and explained to visitors.