The exclusive crystal glass collection is a tribute to the classic bar culture and combines aesthetics and pleasure in a unique way. Charles Schumann, who had a formative influence on the bar culture worldwide due to his experience,for many years intensively accompanies the development of the exclusive premium Hommage Series by Zwiesel 1872 .

Formally restrained and timeless elegant, the series presents its basic shape with softly drawn stems and soft radii. Three types of distinctive, differentiated cuts create a distinctive play with light and colour. Hommage Comète reinterprets the classic cut with modern finesse..

In combination with gold-coloured whiskies or classic cocktails such as martinis, the glasses and beverages connect with each other, creating a special optical experience.This elegant range of glasses which are part of the exclusive premium series Hommage by Charles Schumann by Zwiesel 1872, features a dimensional cutting structure. All of the glasses in Hommage Carat combine both the glass and liquid to create a special visual experience.

This Hommage Comète whisky set, reinterprets a classic presentation with modern finesse. The fine lines give the collection its delicate and elegant look. The carafe is one of the highlights from the series. The handmade decanter is made of crystal glass and perfect for pouring and decanting. The carafe comes with a cork, made of crystal glass as well. The surface of the carafe has been refined with DROP PROTECT. This procedure prevents drop formation outside the glass. The rounded cork has the perfect fit without closing airtight. A true must-have for every bar!