Vera Wang With Love Nouveau Silver Photo Frame (Photo: 5x7inch)

INR 12,095

Give the gift of everlasting love with the Vera Wang With Love Nouveau Silver Photo Frame (Photo: 5x7 inch), a beautifully finished item that's perfect for a loved one. Vera Wang has an inimitable flair for distinctive designs in metal, as exquisitely evidenced by new With Love Nouveau Giftware. With Love finds Vera evoking her most expressive and innovative statements in jewellery and couture as inspiration for a captivating collection of silver plate and enamel creations. The collection unites a silver plate finish recalling fine jewellery with soft, spring-tone colour enamel accents of Mist, Pearl and Silver. Interlocking rings – a recurring symbol for Vera representing the eternity of love – are key features of the textural, embossed edges of the With Love Nouveau collection.


  • Material: Silver plate with enamel detail
  • Colour: Silver
  • Gift Boxed: Yes


  • Dimensions: 12.5cm x 18cm

Dispatch time is 2-3 days for this item.
Delivery time is 4-8 days for this item.

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