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Porcel | Grace | Dinner Set for Twelve

INR 135,095

Grace, as the name gently points out, is a graceful and delicate dinner, tea and coffee set, with thin golden lines and a soft blush color on fine porcelain. Designed by Filipa Ricardo, Grace first started with inspiration in bobby lace designs, after exploring the lines and interpreting the geometry it evolved, to become this gracefully elegant collection.
Founded in 1987, Porcel S.A. is a prestigious brand and manufacturer of fine porcelain. Porcel combines handmade tradition and technological innovation into the making of each piece, resulting in high quality, creative and elegant porcelain products. Mixing a very light rose color with a touch of golden lace details, over each porcelain piece, turns this set into a dainty looking tabletop style, perfect for that special occasion. Refined but also simple and fresh, Grace is the perfect touch for an elegant dinner or tea table style, with the addition of two cake stands topping it up to perfection!.

The Porcel Grace Dinner Set for Six in fine white bone china includes:

  • Twelve Grace Dinner Plates 28cm
  • Twelve Grace Dessert Plates 22cm
  • Twelve Grace Bread Plates 18cm
  • One Grace Tureen 3ltr
  • One Grace Service Plate 32cm
  • One Grace Oval Platter 35cm
  • One Grace Oval Platter 30cm
  • One Grace Pickle Dish 20cm



  • Material: Porcelain
  • Washing: Dishwasher Safe
  • 24k Gold Plated


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