Vera Wang Jardin is directly influenced by Vera’s personal collection of Oxalis pen and ink drawing art, as well as her love of nature.

Vera’s visit to the temples of West Lake in Hangzhou, China is the scene for the Chinese story “Butterfly Lovers”. It was here that Vera found inspiration for Jardin with the lush surroundings, diverse trees and fragrant botanicals.

Shimmering, warm floral gold and bronze patterns on fine bone china infuse a positive energy in the home and on the dining table.

An elegant gold-foil botanical pattern infuses a glamorous and feminine touch to Vera Wang Wedgwood's Jardin fine dinnerware collection—an ever-classic table statement that's perfect for milestone moments, or refined and romantic dinners at home.

An expression of utmost elegance, the Vera Wang Jardin collection for Wedgwood is a sophisticated choice for the table. Imagined with a clean, understated backdrop, this fine porcelain dinner plate is enlivened by the glistening floral accents gracing the otherwise understated design.

While creating the unique collection, Vera acknowledged both persons and personalities. Across her designs, we can observe diverse tastes, sensibilities, and lifestyles.