The new Short Stories collection features a Lismore barware story with two sets of unique mixed tumblers - "Evolution" and "Revolution". Evolution shows the history of how the Lismore pattern has evolved from Classic to Essence to Diamond to the new Lismore Opulence.

Revolution twists and deconstructs the Lismore pattern in four different ways to create a new and exciting way to look at Lismore.

The Irish spirit of togetherness, sharing and interaction, inspires our Short Stories barware and home decor collection.Waterford Short Stories enables people to celebrate conviviality - this genuine Irish way of life that brings people together to socialize, share memorable moments and stories.

Ireland is a country of words. Spoken, written or sung, the Irish are famously verbose and social people known for their warmth, hospitality and generosity. It is the Irish spirit of togetherness, sharing and interaction that inspires our Waterford Crystal Short Stories Collection. The Cluin Short Stories pattern is derived from the Irish word for read and features a grid-like design that pays tribute to the towering oak book shelves of Dublin's carefully preserved 18th century Marsh's Library.

Inspired by this human connection, Waterford's Ogham Short Stories collection celebrates Irish heritage using the Celtic alphabet of Ogham to express four key sentiments - Happiness, Joy, Love and Peace. The Olann Short Stories pattern is derived from the Irish word for wool and the design is inspired by the famous Aran wool knit sweater and the Aran stitch. The Aras Short Stories pattern is derived from the Irish word for home and the design depicts a vertical cut representing the striking architecture of the turrets seen in Ireland's many beautiful castles.

The Retro Short Stories collection combines unique cuts and retro style shapes to create an interesting mix-and-match barware story. Crystal Classics is the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal.