Live a life less ordinary when you sit down to dinner with Renaissance Gold. You’ll feel revived every day when sipping from sumptuous gold gilded cups and eating off bold patterns adorned with colours that achieve an indulgent glow.

Cakes will stand taller and sandwiches prouder when served on these expressive pieces.

Use the complete set for full dazzling impact or select individual pieces to add a Midas touch to other Wedgwood collections, such as Gio or Intaglio. Whatever floats your gold sauce boat. After all, it’s good to express yourself, but it’s even better to do it every day. So, go ahead – express yourself!.

Inspired by decorative motifs favoured by Neoclassical architect and designer Robert Adam and the pure oval forms of the Wedgwood archive cameo. Renaissance Gold features a bold Wedgwood blue and gilded detailing of a laurel border.

Lavish and elegant, Wedgwood's Renaissance Gold Collection transforms classical design elements into beautifully modern dinnerware. Its white bone china base boasts gorgeous repeating patterns and solids in deep blue with rich 24K gold banding.

This 5-Piece Place Setting includes everything needed for one guest's full dinner service; three beautiful fine china plates and a cup with saucer; all rendered in a bold Wedgwood blue finish and decorated with intricate gilded detailing and a neoclassical laurel border inspired by patterns from the Wedgwood archives.