The Connoisseur Barware collection from Waterford radiates effortless opulence, making it the perfect gift for any drink enthusiast. In the spirit of great crystal craftsmanship, three beautifully shaped glasses have been specifically designed to express whiskey’s truest aromas, while also enhancing the color, body, taste and finish.

Our Lismore Connoisseur collection is an achievement of crystal craftsmanship and the pinnacle of elite fine whiskey enjoyment, a complement to the taste of spirits.

Discover straight-sided tumblers designed to serve the connoisseur who enjoys their whiskey with a splash of water, a dash of soda or an ice cube or two. For the connoisseur who enjoys a good swirl to appreciate the body of the liquor, the rounded or flared tumbler is a great choice that fits comfortably in the hand. For sampling their rarest single malts or pot blends, the footed tasting tumblers make a great choice for the whiskey critique.

This is preferred by connoisseurs for tasting, sampling, sipping and evaluation of a whiskey’s attributes. It is fashioned with a unique tulip shape to gently allow warming liquor and with a narrower opening to concentrate the bouquet. This is the ultimate tasting tumbler for those who enjoy savouring their rarest single malts or pot blends

As a hallmark of at-home entertaining, Waterford has designed the Connoisseur Barware collection to respect all tastes and occasions.