Having originally embellished a simple water goblet, the Lismore pattern is now intricately adorned on a beautiful selection of luxury crystal glassware, barware, homeware, such as tumblers, wine glasses, vases, bowls and picture frames.

The famous Lismore pattern was created in 1952 by Miroslav Havel, Waterford’s Chief of Design who drew inspiration for the pattern’s signature diamond and wedge cuts from the rugged charm of Lismore Castle in the idyllic countryside of County Waterford.

Our most distinguished design of the last 60 years, the Lismore pattern is synonymous with the city of Waterford and refined enjoyment of luxury crystal.

Crystal comes in hundreds of patterns that are hand-blown, cut into intricate patterns, modern and sleek, or heritage designs that have been in production for generations. While crystal patterns are a matter of personal preference, one particular favorite for Southerners is a classic–Waterford’s very own Lismore Collection.