Sometimes, it’s not just seeing that’s believing – you have to actually handle an object to appreciate its true beauty.

And the moment you pick up an Intaglio cup, you’ll understand why… for its sumptuous tactile quality must be felt to be believed.

Beautiful white fine bone china embossed with patterns reminiscent of ancient Rome and Greece will give any table a timelessly classic feel with a modern geometric.Inspired by a time that was all about elegance and lightness of touch, the exquisitely balanced proportions, harmonious symmetry and classical detailing of Intaglio offer an undeniably luxurious modern take on a bygone era.

Sophisticated Intaglio Dinnerware from Wedgwood boasts embossed patterns inspired by popular Georgian-era textures in fresh white. Each fine bone china piece is a blend of classic and contemporary style that brings a graceful look to your table.

Bring a fresh and graceful look to your table with Intaglio Dinnerware from Wedgwood.Embossed with patterns inspired by popular Georgian-era knurling and engine turning textures.