Enjoy this spirit of the moment in the way its distillers intended with the luxury crystal gin glasses in our Gin Journeys collection. Each shape has been specially designed by tasting experts to enhance the floral or botanical aromatics and sweet citrusy tastes of your favorite gin cocktails.

Whether you have a penchant for Tom Collins or prefer the classic G&T, the luxury crystal gin balloons and highballs will transform your gin experience.

Waterford ‘Gin Journeys’ has been designed with input from Gin experts to ensure that craft gins and gin cocktails can be fully enjoyed. The collection features shapes designed for the ultimate enjoyment of gin: a balloon glass with short stem for high volume alcohol gin (greater than 39% alcohol by volume - abv) and a slim highball for low alcohol gin (less than 39% abv). Since the Victorian times spices and botanicals have been imported into Ireland from across the globe.

Travelling through County Waterford and up the famous Blackwater River, they were distributed to the great houses and distilleries of Ireland. A special packaging sleeve has been developed that depicts Waterford and the “Gin Journeys”. Our three new patterns feature in this collection – Olann, Cluin and Aras – as well as the popular, timeless and iconic Lismore cut.