Discover your inner barista with Royal Doulton’s Coffee Studio collection.Inspired by the relaxed vibe of a coffee bar, Royal Doulton’s signature hand-thrown porcelain shapes combine with a sophisticated color palette for a truly exceptional experience.

Whether you prefer a classic cappuccino, an energizing shot of espresso or the rich taste of a slow brew coffee, the Coffee Studio collection is ideal for every coffee lover, from the at home barista to those constantly on the go. Discover your inner barista with Royal Doulton’s Coffee Studio collection.

Royal Doulton's Coffee Studio collection is ideal for every coffee lover. This mixed set of four Grande Mugs feature rich sophisticated colorways, navy, purple, dark and light grey. Each mug is partially dipped in a light grey glaze finish making each one unique. Stylish and contemporary, this set is ready to be filled to the brim with your favorite rich roast. Packaged in a window pane kraft box, these mugs are perfect for gifting and hosting.

Enjoy coffee your way with Coffee Studio by Royal Doulton, specifically designed to meet all your home brewing needs. With contemporary colours and styling, for creating and sharing special coffee moments. Makes for a quick pick-me-up gift idea, with most pieces in the collection available in kraft paper gift boxes.

Taking inspiration from Royal Doulton’s heritage of its half-dipped salt glazed pieces, sophisticated rich, dark colourways and satin double dipped glazes replicate the coolest coffee bars and your favourite hangouts. Each speciality coffee brew is provided for with the ideal shaped vessel and design detail, so you can become a coffee aficionado in your own home. Enjoy a coffee with family and friends or just have me time - taking pleasure in the making of a slow brewing coffee, enjoying the aroma, then sitting back and savouring the flavour.

The Royal Doulton Coffee Studio collection introduces a modern an stylish selection of serving ware. Made from Porcelain, the designs are intended to have a contrast between a colour and the white porcelain or two differing colours.

Guest will be impressed by how the dipped nature of the designs blends seamlessly into a kitchen, dining room or living room.