Sleek, stylish, contemporary. Arris is as suave as a tux at the baccarat table, but as approachable as an unbuttoned collar and a loose dickie bow. Black, white and gold are the main players in this modern collection, bringing style and sophistication to your table whether you’re throwing a lavish cocktail party for your friends or enjoying your Sunday morning caffeine fix with a bacon sandwich.

Bold patterns and metallic accents add a modern edge, with unique shapes creating a dynamic setting that you can mix and match to develop your own individual flavour.

The allure of beautiful design expertly combined with utility. A fusion of glass, silver plate stainless steel and copper finish sits in perfect harmony.

Arris really comes to life when you mix in the gorgeous charcoal accent range. Uncompromising and bold Arris has a masculine air while remaining elegant and contempory. The design is further complemented by a range of coordinated glassware and gifts.

Wedgwood Arris is a chic and sophisticated Collection designed for a sociable evening or afternoon tea and coffee with friends. The core of the collection is decorated with a subtle grey geometric design set against a crisp white fine bone china background with gold banding.