1815 was the year John Doulton founded his now world-famous pottery; and to commemorate that heritage, Royal Doulton has created the 1815 pattern.

The 1815 collection comprises complimentary colored glazes creating a relaxed dinner vibe for family and friends. The complete range is linked by a strong visual signature of embossed detail, shape and dipped color to deliver a handcrafted, artisan quality, all inspired by the founding year and complete with 1815 stamps.

Browse this stylish collection and discover a range of dinnerware and serveware created perfectly for social gatherings and sharing moments. With a range of colours and shapes designed to mix & match and easily stack in your kitchen cupboards - the 1815 Bright Colours Collection is perfect for casual dining.

Cosmopolitan and contemporary, 1815 is a sublime balance of an artisan design inspiration nearly two centuries old, re-interpreted for today’s style of living. Featuring a dipped colour design and impressed with the ‘1815’ mark, this collection is the perfect vibrant expression of relaxed dining and entertaining.

The line of this dinnerware set is named after the year when John Doulton opened his first pottery factory, unaware that Royal Doulton would grow into such a big brand.

The 1815 collection is unique white tableware because of the subtle shine that lies over the tableware.